Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Beware of these candidate...

1. Basavaraj -Lupin pharma - respiratory division

2.Mohan - German remedies- respiratory division

Both the candidates are notorious in commiting to attend interviews and not turn up. Kindly do not encourage and engage these candidates for the next 24 months.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

beware of bhavya A.C

Dear consultants and organisations
Beware of Bhavya A.C : Senior Software Engineer at keane India ltd she attended 2 rounds of interview with a IT gaint, negotiated salary at the time of accecepting offer she says she is not interested, This has caused tremendous loss of effort both on the part of consultant and the client also. she is just checking out her market value. kindly make a note of this candidate and avoid her for the next 24 months.

HRD Cleaners

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


SUNIL R KASHYAP- formerly worked as a Asst Manager HR with Flatworld solutions, has been negotiating offers with over 4 employers and has not joined any one of them. he had confirmed his joining date as 16th March with two companies and did not turn up at both places. Dear employer beware of this candidate. he is known to increase his market value through such unethical practices.
"Let us unite and eradicate candidates like this from this profession"-HRD CLEANERS.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

24X7X365 days busy HR professionals in Hyderabad

Rupa, Cybage Software, Hyderabad

From September 2006 onwards over 10 HR Consultants have been trying to get an appointment. Everyday either she will be in a meeting or on leave or left for the day. This ultimate response we will get from the Reception/Security. By luck once some consultants got in touch with her and got answer from her that she is busy right now and get back to them.

Geetaraj, Proxim Wireless, Hyderabad

Same as above. But little difference. Here the receiptionist will act on behalf of HR Manager and replies "if she likes your profile she will get back to you." The biggest concern here is to just answer either yes or no via mail or call. But no time.

Are most of the HRs from Executive to Manager level in IT companies that busy ????

Please think once before you call. You have to convince the receptionists first.

BY HRD Cleaners

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Busiest and the most dedicated HR Professional in Hyderabad

Subha Kumar, HR, Moschip Semiconductors,Hyderabad
We take great pleasure to introduce a HR Professional, who claimes that he gets 1000 mails/calls on a day. Over 10 Consulting representatives expressed about his eccentric behaviour. His CEO should be ashamed that he gets far lesser calls/mails than his HR.
This person updates his CV every 15 days for the past one year.

Inspite of taking 1000 calls/mails per day, he is yet to get a call from Recruiter for a job opening for him.

We wish him all the best.

A HR, who got this wonderful chance of interacting with him.

Great commitment - Beware of these professionals

Ashish Gupta, Architect, Tech Mahindra,Bangalore
After 8 times interaction and reminders via mails and calls for a position, on the interview date this gentleman replies:
"I dont remember you, when did you call me. Anyhow I will check my mail and confirm to you. After reforwarding the mail to which he replied, he says 'Not interested' and looking for a different thing.
" Doesn't he really know at the time of replying to calls and mails after going through the job details, what is he doing and what he wants in life.

Aravind Kumar, Team Lead, Wipro Technologies,Bangalore
Rescheduled the interview 4 times with the person in the capacity of Director of the employer. Interview scheduled at 7:00 PM and the gentleman reconfirmed at 5:30 PM "I am on the way". Did not turn up and replies to our call " I had some urgent work and dont have your contact number to inform you".

When can this irresponsibility and negligence go. There are so many gentlemen like this in IT industry suffering from the above disease.
Grateful to HRD Cleaners for creating such a wonderful blog.

Thanks & Regards
A HR Victim

Monday, February 9, 2009

HR Managers- Why never on their seat

dear fellow HRrofessionals,
our last posting received some very good responses, but one of the most sought after requests was the accountability of the HR Managers. They never pick up the phone, never on the seat, and treat vendors shabilly, delay payments etc. so we thought the time has come to respond. as mentioned to us
5Major issues consultants face are
  1. No response on phone/Mobile
  2. collect CVs and tell it is duplicate
  3. Never on the seat
  4. Iam busy.. will call back ( and never will call back)
  5. On leave

so to tackle this we have consituted 5awards

  1. Never pick up the phone-HR manager
  2. king of Duplicate CVs -HR manager
  3. Never on seat HR manager
  4. Busiest HR Manager.
  5. The most sincear(in taking leave)HR Manager

you could send in your greviences and we shall award these individuals.

It is time HR managers become more responsible and professional


HRD Cleaners